Challenger-Sylvania Contacts

Ohio Contact replacement contact kits for Challenger-Sylvania contactor and motor starters. When you locate the product(s) of your choice, please call 800-310-5999 or click on the OEM Part # below to email inquiry for pricing, availability or questions you need answered! Items showing Order Now can be ordered online for your convenience.
OEM Part No. OCC Part No. Type/Series/Device Size # Poles Image
A16-1936 712022T 100-4RD 100A S view
A16-7980 712034T 150-4RD 150A S
A18-3504 712042T 300-4RD 300A S view
A18-5581 712048T 400-4RD 400A S
A18-9091 712050T 600-4RD 600A S view
A16-11544 712010T 900-4RD 900A S